The Nova Scotia Approved - Quality First Accommodations Program was developed to ensure that visitors receive clean and comfortable accommodations while visiting Nova Scotia.

To be included in the Tourism Nova Scotia Doers and Dreamers Guide please register by Friday, August 7th.

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The quality standards were developed after extensive collaboration with representatives of fixed-roof accommodations, campgrounds and Tourism Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Approved provides, the licensed accommodation operator, with a quality program option that is not a rating system.  Nova Scotia Approved is a benchmark of quality standards focused on cleanliness and state of repair.

Once you complete the online application, your property will be receive an unannounced visit by our Quality Coach who will assess your property based on the benchmark of the quality standards.

When your property meets the benchmark of quality standards, and if you hold a valid Tourist Accommodations License, you will then be eligible to participate in tourism partnership programs, sponsored by Tourism Nova Scotia.

For information about partnership and program opportunties as well as some helpful tools for your business please click here.  

Quality Standards


The Quality Standards for the Nova Scotia Approved Accommodations Program set out benchmark standards for courtesy, cleanliness, comfort, and state of repair.  These standards are assessed during inspection and expected to be maintained at all times.

"Approved" means the accommodation has met the Quality Standards including cleanliness and state of repair benchmarks for the Quality Standards Program and qualifies for the Approved Accommodation status.  Approved Accommodation status is a requirement for participation in all current and future partnership programs sponsored by Tourism Nova Scotia. Once approved, an Approved Accommodation qualifies for a listing on Nova Scotia's official tourism website and a listing in the Nova Scotia Doers and Dreamers Travel Guide. An Approved Accommodation is also eligible to participate in other tourism partnership programs offered by Tourism Nova Scotia and have their brochures distributed by travel counselors at all Visitor Information Centres, in-market promotions, familiarization tours for travel trade and writers and industry training and best practice missions.

"Not Approved" means the accommodation has failed to meet Quality Standards including cleanliness and state of repair benchmarks for the Quality Standards Program. The "Not Approved" property is not eligible for participation in partnership programs offered by Tourism Nova Scotia. If services had previously been granted, the privilege is revoked. Owners/managers of an accommodation "Not Approved" may appeal the ruling in writing.

Accommodations Listing

Total Accommodations: 496

A 2nd Paradise Retreat South Shore 902-634-4099
A Boat to Sea Bed and Breakfast Cape Breton Island 902-794-8326
A Charming Victorian B&B Cape Breton Island 902.564.0921
A MacKenzie House B&B Cape Breton Island 902-625-1026
A Moeller's Lake View Cottage, Bed & Breakfast Cape Breton Island 902-756-2865
A Seafaring Maiden B&B Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 902-532-0379
Aaron’s Dove House Bed & Breakfast Harbourside Cape Breton Island 902-794-1947
Aberdeen Motel Cape Breton Island 902-756-2331
Acadian Motel Cape Breton Island 902-224-2640
ADDA Fundy Tides Campground Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 902-392-2606
Admiral Digby Inn Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 902-245-2531
Admiralty House Suites Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 902-369-2107
Advocate Oceanview Vacation Home Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 902-392-2544
Albert's Motel Cape Breton Island 902-224-2077
Alicion Bed & Breakfast South Shore 902-634-9358
Alt Hotel Halifax Stanfield Halifax Metro 855-258-5775
Amherst Provincial Park Northumberland Shore 888-544-3434
Anchor Inn B&B Yarmouth & Acadian Shores 902-645-3390
Anchors Gate Bed and Breakfast South Shore 902-852-3906
Anke's Bed & Breakfast Eastern Shore 902-885-2172
Ann & Brian's Oceanview B&B Cape Breton Island 902-862-0034
Annapolis Basin Conference Center Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 902-638-8602
Antigonish Evergreen Inn Northumberland Shore 902.863.0830
Argyle By The Sea Bed and Breakfast Yarmouth & Acadian Shores 902-762-2759
Ascendence Harbourside Mansion B&B Halifax Metro 902-209-0119
At the Harbourfront B&B Inn Cape Breton Island 902-241-3001
At the Turret Bed & Breakfast Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 902-532-5770
At Townsend B&B South Shore 888-470-6190
Atlantic Sojourn Bed & Breakfast South Shore 902-634-3151
Atlantica Hotel Halifax Halifax Metro 902-423-1161
Au Have du Capitaine Yarmouth & Acadian Shores 902-769-2001
Auberge Baywind Suites Cape Breton Island 902-224-3800
Auberge Gisele's Inn Cape Breton Island 902-295-2849
Auberge Walker Inn Northumberland Shore 902-485-5046
Azelia Farmhouse B&B Northumberland Shore 902-863-4262

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